How it Works

The purpose of the Alliance for C.H.O.I.C.E. is to
Create Hope and Opportunity by Investing in Children’s Education.

We are doing this by building an engine to send funds to STO’s (School Tuition Organizations).

The first step is gaining attention and building a broad base of supporters giving relatively small donations, and nurturing a smaller group of donors who can give more substantially.  Most of those donations will not pass through Alliance for CHOICE.

The second step is to supercharge the giving engine.

This will be an experiment in leveraging an education in economics, free enterprise, and entrepreneurial ideas to empower greater giving.

The third step is to move beyond funding existing STO’s and catalyzing the development of more STO’s and perhaps more private schools.

Alliance for CHOICE exists to catalyze private educational opportunities, especially for low-income families.

Education is vital.
Especially in a self-governing free society.

Alliance for CHOICE exists to secure private funding for STO’s to empower low-income families to have more positive educational choices for their children.


In preparing the 2017 launch, we became aware of StreetSchool Networks and will support them using similar steps.

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Creating Hope and Opportunity by Investing in Children's Education