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Denver Street School started over 30 years ago to serve high-risk teens who had been expelled or dropped out of high school.

In 1985 Denver Street School was opened in the dining room of a house in Denver’s inner-city with one teacher and three students.  Over the years, DSS grew and expanded, not only in the number of students that it served, but also in what it was able to offer its pupils.  The majority of the students were minority youth, primarily Hispanic and African-American, along with a number of suburban troubled youth. These ratios exist to this day.

Denver Street School is the alternative school of choice for many public school counselors, probation officers, and social work agencies.  This nationally known and respected model will continue to develop and utilize better educational practices in its quest to provide the best educational experience possible to its diverse and challenging student body.  DSS provides its students hope for their future by offering a second chance to earn their high school diploma with a quality academic curriculum, in a caring, personal environment where they can be taught biblical principles for living and develop personal morals and values.  This gives them the moral compass and tools for self-sufficiency needed to achieve a future success!

DSS students, for the most part, have dropped out or been expelled from local public schools.  Many are former or current gang members and teen parents.  A high percentage of the students have had substance abuse issues. Most suffer from a lack of motivation and quality role models in the home.

The Denver Street School provides a small personalized family-like environment with a strong interlocking network of relationships between the students and loving, caring adults who pour into their lives, providing that quality role model that may be missing in their own homes. The goal for our students is that they become self-sufficient, contributing members of society who love Jesus.

Denver Street School has grown and evolved over the years.  It is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools.  Because of DSS, many, many young people have overcome the consequences of their poor choices and the negative circumstances of their lives, and have gone on to find success in life.

In the 1990’s, responding to calls from educators and ministries around the nation who saw the need in their urban areas for intervention-type schools based on the Denver Street School model, the StreetSchool Network was born.  In a few short years, with generous assistance from a large foundation, the network grew to about 30 member schools in 20 states. A national conference is held every other year at Colorado Christian University.

In 2015 Denver Street School opened its third campus, Hope Academy.  This year-round program has been specifically designed to meet the extraordinary needs of girls who have been recovered from the current American slave trade of sex trafficking.  Including intensive therapy programs and a strong mentoring program along with academic and vocational training, DSS is helping these devastated young ladies find redemption and hope for the future.  They are having a more-than-token impact by creating a model that can be replicated nationally.


Alliance for C.H.O.I.C.E. believes that the success stories in the lives touched by Street Schools are amazing, and this model worth replicating.  The need is overwhelming.  The funding is sparse.  So we are committed to increasing the awareness and the donor base, and multiplying the funds available.

Please: Donate today to the StreetSchool Network, or to Denver Street School, or Hope Academy.

And tell others to come to these websites, so they too can catch a vision of helping some of the neediest in our society.

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