Who We Are

Principal Sponsor:  Roy Burkett

Alliance for CHOICE is the fruition of a dream long in the making.

C.H.O.I.C.E. is about educational choice – especially for low-income families.

In 2001, Alliance for CHOICE was first launched as a 501(c)3 School Tuition Organization (STO).  I was convinced of the rightness in providing tuition assistance to low-income children.
As convinced as I was of the need, I became even more convinced as the demand grew, despite the lack of outreach or advertising to needy families.  But I failed to gain any significant support.  Without the income we could do very little.  So that non-profit corporation went the way of the vast majority of startups.

But the dream never died.

In 2017 Alliance for CHOICE is relaunching as a funding engine – to drive money to existing STO’s – and perhaps to catalyze the creation of more STO’s.

Children’s Scholarship Fund is the largest national network of STO’s.  Roy has been a supporter of CSF-Portland and the first project of Alliance for CHOICE is raising funds for CSF-Portland.

While preparing to launch, Roy met Tom Tillapaugh who started the Denver Street School and later founded the StreetSchool Network.  Because of their impressive accomplishments and profound commitment, these programs are included in the initial funding engine being built by Alliance for CHOICE.


Members, Sponsors, and Advisors
As the Alliance for CHOICE grows it will be reflected here.

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founder, John, has a background as
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Creating Hope and Opportunity by Investing in Children's Education