How We Work with STOs

School Tuition Organizations (STO’s) provide assistance to low-income families to empower them in providing a quality education for their children.

Typically they provide
up to 75%  of the tuition for children under the poverty level;
up to 50%  tuition for those up to the free lunch program cut-off; and
up to 25%  for another step above that.

Yet for every family they help, there are hundreds of families of waiting lists.

Alliance for CHOICE works to increase funding for STO’s so that they can help more families and more children in building a stronger healthier society for all.

Alliance for CHOICE is starting by building an engine to create awareness of, and encourage donations to, these highly effective programs, focusing first on the Children’s Scholarship Fund, the largest nationwide network of STO’s.

The next steps will be finding ways to supercharge the engine driving the donations, and also to find ways to help private schools create their own STO’s.

Education is foundational in maintaining a free self-governing nation.

Providing access to quality education in the early years is providing access to the bottom rung of the ladder that leads impoverished people out of generational cycles of oppression.  It’s the right thing to do.

Liberty and justice for all” is more than a slogan for us.  We are working to make it a growing reality.

You can be a part of it.
How can you play your part?

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