Alliance for CHOICE is building an engine to create awareness of, and encourage donations to, a few highly effective programs.

Children’s Scholarship Fund

StreetSchool Network

Denver Street School and Hope Academy

At this time we encourage donors to give directly to one of these projects.  They are 501(c)3, so your gifts will be tax deductible.

100% of funds you donate to CSF will go directly to tuition assistance.  The administrative and fundraising costs are covered by a few generous donors to enable your gifts to be so powerfully focused in helping low income families send their K-12 children to the quality school of their choice.

Street Schools run on extremely tight budgets.  Practically none of the students can afford to pay anywhere near the tuition cost.  Much work is done by volunteers.  The highly motivated staff works well below what the market would pay them elsewhere.  Your donations will be frugally managed.


Donations can be mailed to Alliance for CHOICE.
During our startup phase, gifts would be welcome.

BUT, we are NOT 501(c)3,
– – – so a gift sent to us will NOT be tax-deductible.

AND only 50% of your donation will be forwarded to one of these highly effective programs.

SO we encourage you to maximize the impact of your giving by asking you to give directly to these highly effective programs:

CSF, SSN, or DSS/Hope.

Alliance for CHOICE intends to support itself through other means which will supercharge the engine of giving through encouraging Biblical Entrepreneurship.  To learn more CLICK HERE.

Creating Hope and Opportunity by Investing in Children's Education